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Cookie legislation was introduced in the revision of the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, 2003, updated 2011. The forthcoming ePrivacy Directive may make changes to the rules on cookies which will be included in a later update of this Cookie.


cookie is a small data packet which stores a web server on the computer of the website visitor, e.g. the preferred language or other settings. This information is stored in a text file. If the website visitor visits the same website again, the browser sends a copy of the cookie back to the web server. Thus, the website visitor can be identified and the website will be adjusted accordingly.

However, it should be distinguished between the profiling cookie(consent required) and the technical cookie (no consent required):

  • Profiling Cookie: This type of cookie is used to analyse the use of a website, collect statistical information concerning the use and customise the visit of the website. This also includes, for example, recommendation of specific offers based on usage. Here, a consent of the visitor is required.

Note: do not use these cookies.

  • Technical Cookie: This type of cookie is used to guarantee the smooth operation of the website, e.g. to collect and provide goods in shopping baskets. Here, no consent of the visitor is required.

Note: exclusively uses cookies of this type.

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